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AchievABLE Fitness - Personalized Fitness and Nutrition for Women

Toufie provides individually tailored, motivational weight training and interval training for women that keeps them focused on specific goals. Her upbeat style and personality and her focus on customer service make her an excellent trainer for any woman looking to improve their health and fitness.
M. Joelsson (client)

"Working with Toufie is always fun and challenging! She pushes me to my limits and uses up every second of our hour together. Toufie always tries new things so that our sessions never get repetitive or boring."
C. Lynk (Client)

“Thank you for the exceptional job you did working with the four of us.  I think we all learned a lot and surely enjoyed working with you.  Your being so organized made our sessions go so well.  Of course, the fact that you are so lovely and kind is probably what's most special!”
L. Glass (Client)

“This thank you goes to the woman who is the perfect role model for the saying "where there is a will, there is a way."  After just having your daughter you re-arranged your life, traveled miles away and received a certification 2 days before your baby's christening.  I want to thank you for your drive, initiative, positive attitude, hard work and sacrificing family time preparing for the launch of Body Pump.  I am ever so grateful to you on our Quest team.  You are a true asset to our staff as well as a wonderful person and a pleasure to work with”
C. Boyle (Manager)

“Thanks so much for the very informative 10 week workout.  I learned so very much.  You are a very knowledgeable trainer and have a great sunny personality.  The schedule you prepared for each of us is informative.  I know that took a lot of time.”
Jane (Client)

"Thank you so much for all your hard work and efforts in your training classes.  Your professionalism, energy and positive attitude are greatly appreciated."
K. Keniston (Manager)
"I talked to one of your students in your class and she raved about it.  We hope you'll teach it again in the fall!"
Linda C. (Manager)

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