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AchievABLE Fitness - Personalized Fitness and Nutrition for Women
Fitness Assessment: 
During our first meeting, I will conduct a thorough assessment of your current fitness level, contraindications, health status and medical history.  This sets the stage for pursuing your goals in a safe and efficient manner.  We will also discuss your goals, likes, dislikes, eating patterns, lifestyle, passions, concerns and anything else that is paramount to your achieving success.  Once this baseline is established, we have a benchmark upon which to compare your progress.  Subsequent fitness assessments may be performed periodically.
Private Training Sessions: 
A series of one-on-one, personalized training sessions allow us to get to the business of achieving your goals.  I will design a completely personalized workout plan for you based on the results of your fitness assessment, your goals as well as the time frame in which you wish to achieve them.  Each one hour or half hour session is is conducted in my private studio or elsewhere based on individual circumstances. 
Semi Private Training Sessions:  
When two clients desire to train together, I design one hour, semi- private sessions where each person is working towards their goals while enjoying the company of the other.  Waiting around is not part of this plan.  Each program I create not only meets the needs of each individual, but also engages each of you during the entire session!  
Nutrition Coaching: 
I will work closely with you based upon your specific health and fitness goals to help guide your food choices.  It's imperative that you consume the proper combination of nutrients timed appropriately in order to maximize your success.  Needless to say, this can be a daunting task.  I will take the guess work out of it so you can focus on achieving your goals.  If fat loss is your goal, I will guide you through a personalized de-tox program to jump start your progress so that you may release that ever so difficult to remove stored fat.  Keep in mind a sound nutrition program does NOT restrict food.  A sound nutrition plan includes whole, clean organic food!  
Pantry/Kitchen Makeover: 
We will take a look at what may be lurking in the deep dark corners of your pantry that may be sabotaging your success.  Think of it as a spring cleaning for a healthy body!  I will make recommendations so that we may replace any saboteurs with healthy, sound foods.  We may even venture out for grocery store visits.   
Grocery Store Visits: 
We will hit the store together and take stock of what good choices are, based on your food preferences, so that you will have the proper food on hand to eat, to be healthy and achieve your goals. 

Gift Certificates: 
Gift certificates may be customized for any services in any quantity. 
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